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Register your Pocket Socks here for warranty protection.

Your 1 year warranty covers:

  • Manufacturer Defect
  • $100 Pick Pocket Protection

Please fill out the form below. See warranty details below the form.



$100 Pick Pocket Protection

Pocket Socks, Inc. provides up to $100 should you encounter a situation whereby you are criminally forced to empty the pocket of your Pocket Socks and thus experience a loss. Note that you will be required to provide a police report in addition to a sworn statement, and losses covered may not exceed $100.

Manufacturer Defect

Pocket Socks Inc will either replace or refurbish your Pocket Socks should any malfunction occur. Images and a statement may be required.


In order to submit a claim, you must provide; proof of purchase including a receipt showing date of purchase; submit an initial inquiry to warranty@pocketsocks.com, and complete the form on this page.

Pocket Socks reserves the right to change the terms of this warranty without notice. Payments for granted claims will be made within 60 days of acceptance of the claim. You may be required to provide images or to pay to ship your Pocket Socks to Pocket Socks Inc. for inspection. Any costs associated with shipping replacements will be provided by Pocket Socks, Inc.

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