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OUR PROMISE is to quickly deliver a unique & functional sock with a pocket manufactured ethically and with the highest standards in design & quality, that's built to last.  

OUR PURPOSE is to design, produce and distribute a fun & functional sock line unlike any other in the world. 


Founder Evan Papel was traveling through Europe when his passport and money were stolen. Over a liter stein of fine Munich beer, the idea of the sock with a pocket materialized. Papel designed a high-quality sock and hand-sewed a zippered pocket into each pair. A unique travel security solution was born and Pocket Socks started back in 2002 as Zip It Sox.

Zip It Sox turned in to Zip It Gear and had a great run in the 2000s until the Great Recession ended the fun. In 2017, Papel couldn’t stop thinking about the company that could have been, but never was. So, he started tinkering around with new designs, manufactured Passport Security® Pocket Socks and started selling online again. Based on excitement from new customers and Papel’s entrepreneurial passion, he decided to re-invested in his original idea. This time, he threw a whole lot of color into the mix. The colorful fun and fashionable personal expression line was born to compliment the already successful travel security & everyday convenience.

In 2019 Good Morning America called and was excited to present the line on the acclaimed Steals & Deals segment launching Pocket Socks into the mainstream. Pocket Socks has been seen on national broadcast television multiple times and is now sold worldwide.




FOUNDEREvan Papel in 2002's launch of Zip It Sox

Evan lives with his family in Southern California, and Pocket Socks is his passion project.  From time to time he laughs a bit at how long he's been doing this but he enjoys that Pocket Socks works both sides of his entrepreneurial brain.  Evan loves his family, the Colorado Buffaloes and philanthropic leadership roles. Feel free to connect with Evan on LinkedIn.


First and foremost, we make great socks.  We put a ton of design time and analysis into what we’re offering you including yarns from sustainable and renewable materials, ethical manufacturing conditions and wear tests over miles and miles.   Then, we take it to the next level and bring your Pocket Socks to a cutting and sewing station where we essentially turn socks into garments by hand sewing zippered pockets one by one.  


Helping the community and making the world a better place is really important to us.   Take a look at what we've done in just the past couple of years.  


We partnered with It's All About the Kids Food Pantry to donate a meal for every pair purchased for specific sale events.  This organization is near and dear to our heart as Kids are hungry and in need of healthy meals, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic which is stranding kids who ordinarily get food from school, without access to meals. Together with the support of our customers, we accomplished an amazing feat; we donated over 12,000 meals to hungry kids in San Diego.   



In 2019 we donated hundreds of pair of Pocket Socks to an amazing organization called Sox In A Box.  Our contribution lead to hundreds of children living in East Africa to get much needed socks. 


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